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Reading a good book is fun!  A great book can change what you know and how you think about things. Books can change lives and help you achieve success!

In the Achievement Library you will learn about many wonderful books. Read about each book and its author. Select one that you would like to read and check it out of the library. When you finish your book, write a Book Review.

Your review will be posted in the Student Book Review Library for others to read.  If you have an advocate, you will also earn important achievement points for your review and see it listed in your own home page library. Happy reading!

Welcome to the Student Book Review Library! Here you will learn what students think about the books they are reading. Read a review by clicking on the book title. Think about these questions as you read the reviews.

What makes an interesting book review?
What are things kids like most about the books they read?
What do they like least?
What makes a reviewer tell other students to be sure to read their special book?

Which reviews make you want to go find the book and read it yourself? Write down the titles of books that catch your interest.

Don't forget, you can read books and write reviews too! Help make the Student Book Review Library grow!

Write A Book review! Use the link to write a review of the book you have just finished reading. Answer each question carefully. Help people understand what the book is about and why others should read it.

When you submit your review, it will be posted in the Student Book Review Library. If you have an advocate, it will also appear in your own Library on your home page.

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