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Achievement Advocate Homepage

If you have had professional experience in the areas of education, counseling, career coaching, or distance learning you may want to consider applying for an Educator position. The part-time Educator is a key member of the Achievement Advocate team.  The Educator assists and supports the volunteer Advocates by monitoring student progress, problem solving, and collecting information on local opportunities for the student achievers.

    APPLY now and make a difference.

     You will be responsible for overseeing and supporting the Advocate volunteers assigned to you. You will help them by providing information about the studentsí local area and problem solving any difficulties between students and advocates.  When necessary, you will update studentsí teachers and parents.

     You must be willing to spend approximately 4 hours per week communicating via email with assigned Advocates and reviewing student email and activity responses.  You will also be requested to communicate with program directors as necessary for program development or research data purposes. You must have training and experience in areas such as education, counselling, career coaching, distance learning etc.

     You must agree to a confidential criminal background check. The safety of children is the programís highest priority, therefore background checks are conducted for each program volunteer and educator.

     You must be 25 years of age or older.

     You must communicate with the program directors as necessary.

     You must be willing to review and contribute when possible to all online training materials provided in the Advocate Training Area.

     You must be capable and professional in exchanges with assigned Advocates, parents, students, and staff.

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