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Student Gallery
Share your work, artwork, photos, poems, and stories by posting them for other Achievers to view.back to the top

Answer a few questions and find out which great achiever from the past shares many of your talents, interests, and personality traits. You can also scan a picture of yourself and of a person who is a real-life Hero in your life to display on your Achiever Homepage. back to the top

Each student Achiever is matched with their own Advocate or coach. At least two times per week you will write messages to your Advocate and receive messages in return. This is the way you get to know each other!back to the top

This is your personal calendar! Enter your important dates including birthdays, trips, sports events, school assignment due dates, and holidays. You can even use it to keep track of the time you spend watching TV, exercising, or surfing the Internet. Keeping your calendar current earns achiever points. Check it daily to keep organized and on top of your schedule.back to the top

Check out what's happening in the world and find news stories that have meaning for you. Each time your read a story and answer questions about it, you earn achiever points.back to the top

Earn achiever points by investigating new careers. You might find one that you never considered before but sounds interesting. Finding the right career for your interests and talents is an important step in planning your future.back to the top

This is your private space to write about anything that interests you. This is one activity that you can chose to do or not. If you write a page per week, you'll earn achiever points. No one can see into your journal. It is password protected for your privacy. Any parts of it that you want to share with your Advocate can be copied and pasted into a message.back to the top

The Bulletin Board is the place to post/read messages to the Achievement Advocacy community of students and Advocates. The Bulletin Board area is the place to be!

Homework Help - Your resource center for homework help and an online dictionary.

Word Fair - Check here for word happenings around the world.

Your Opinion - Your opinion counts. Earn achiever points by submitting your opinion or vote.

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Play a game of e-scrabble or e-chess with your Advocate. Each time you make a new move, you earn achiever points. You also can win bonus points for winning!back to the top

Everyone can learn new things to help them in life. Life Lessons shares stories, examples, and information that will help you in the areas of health, citizenship, financial literacy, and the arts. Earn achiever points by reading the lessons and responding to questions.back to the top

Meet achievers that you never imagined existed! You will find that some of them have lives much like yours. Read their life stories and find the ways they met challenges and took steps to success. Earn achiever points by writing about what you think of these inspiring people.back to the top

Earn achiever points by setting achievement goals for yourself. You will set goals for the week, month, year, and even life goals for your personal development and success. Goals might be about passing a test, raising a grade, making the volleyball team, learning a new piano piece, or controlling your temper.back to the top

You are an Achiever! Each time you complete an activity, play a game, or send a message... you earn achiever points. Watch your points grow and earn exciting achiever prizes!back to the top

Reading inspiring books can help you succeed in your own life. In this activity, you will find descriptions of books that have changed the lives of many people. Read one of these books and answer the activity questions to earn achiever points and take another step toward success. back to the top

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