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Welcome to Achievement Advocate Parents Corner! The articles and resources available here will provide you with information about the program and help you further support your child's achievement. Please contact the Program Administrator with further questions and comments.

The Achievement Advocate Online Community is dedicated to your child's achievement and success. As parent, your role is the most important in this process. In the Parents Corner you will find information to assist you in helping your child meet his or her potential. Every month new achievement-supporting tips are featured.

  • Talk with your child about what happened at school. Stay away from "yes" or "no" questions such as, "Was today a good day at school?" Instead ask, "What was the best thing that happened at school today?" or "What was something you learned today that you didn't know before? What assignments are the most difficult to get done on time?
  • Make sure you have current information regarding assignments, teacher expectations, and grading guidelines. Make sure you personally meet your child's teacher at school either at Back-to-School night or after school.
  • Require your child to be an organized student. Help your child by establishing study and homework routines, and a quiet place to study. Encourage your child to use the Home Page Achievement Calendar to keep track of assignments and events.
  • Encourage your child to participate in out-of-school activities but avoid over-scheduling so there isn't time for play, unstructured quiet time, or enough sleep.
  • Use every opportunity for self-awareness by focusing on your child's strengths and qualities that make him or her special and unique. Encourage your child to build on known strengths and abilities.
  • Encourage your child to take a big task or goal and break it down into small steps that lead to completion. Provide examples of how steps can be listed and checked off when finished.
  • Acknowledge your child's efforts toward a goal, not just a final product or accomplishment. Encourage your child to use Pot of Goals to set goals for the week, month, and year.
  • Be positive. Find ways to help your child feel important. A study by the National Family Institute found that the average parent spends 14.5 minutes a day communicating with each child. Of that time, 12.5 minutes are devoted to parental criticism or correction. Sometimes children think they can't do anything right. Make a special effort to tell your child every day that he or she is special.
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