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Welcome to Achievement Advocate Parents Corner! The articles and resources available here will provide you with information about the program and help you further support your child's achievement. Please contact the Program Administrator with further questions and comments.

The Achievement Advocate Community provides coaching and a literacy-based curriculum to help students achieve. Through organizational tools and activities that span key subject areas, students are able to read, write, plan, and create as part of a community that supports their learning. By visiting their own home page at least twice per week, students are able to take advantage of the following learning opportunities:

Student achievement is a partnership between student, parents, and teachers. To further support this partnership, the Achievement Advocate program provides each student with an on-line advocate or coach who encourages them as they set goals and complete activities. The coach sees and responds to all messages and activity responses completed by their student. Coaches are trained to help students work successfully toward their achievement goals.

Volunteer advocates are carefully screened with reference and background checks. As members of the National Mentoring Partnership, Achievement Advocate follows best practices in assuring student on-line safety. Student and advocate communications are monitored daily by program staff.

Pot of Goals: Students set goals for the week, month, year, and beyond. They can update their progress status as they work toward goals that lead to personal achievement.

Calendar: The Achievement Calendar helps students stay organized by keeping track of deadlines and events. They can access their calendar online and also print it for their notebook.

Journal: In their achievement journals, students learn that writing can be way of thinking and coping with life events. This activity is password protected.

Homework Help: In the Homework Help area of their home page, students can access helpful web sites dedicated to helping them solve homework challenges.

Books Can Change Lives: Reading and writing is critical to student achievement. The Books Can Change Lives suite of activities encourages students to read a variety of books and share their impressions with others. Students can select a book from the Achievement Library of featured books, choose a book of their own, write a book review, track their reading history in a personal library, and read book reviews written by other students.

Life Lessons: Each week students read articles about health, the arts, civics, and money smarts. They write about what they have learned and relate it to their own lives and goals.

News You Can Use: It's important for students to use their reading skills to find out what is going on in the world around them. Each week students read a news article for kids and share their impressions and ideas with their coach.

Steps to Success: Sometimes students think that they are the only ones who have difficult challenges to meet. The Steps to Success activity provides students with inspirational stories of adults and young people who have set goals and met them in spite of difficulties.

The Lab: The Lab is a place for students to engage in math and science learning. They learn standards-based concepts and are introduced to people who use science and math every day in interesting careers.

Career Corner: Even at a young age, it's helpful for students to learn about all the different career options available to them. It helps them relate their current learning to their future work. The Career Corner presents stories about real people in interesting careers from veterinarians to set designers. Students write to their coach about the featured career and how they might get started in this career direction.

Word Fair: Building vocabulary is an important skill. In Word Fair students learn about amazing words and how to use them.

Your Opinion: In this weekly activity, students are asked to state an opinion about a current event or situation. They see how other students voted and write a defense of their opinion to their advocate.

Achievement Awards: Each time students complete an activity, they earn important achiever points. At different benchmarks, students earn bonus awards that contribute to their goals. Awards arrive as gift certificates, event tickets, or Achievement Program tee-shirts.

The Project Gallery: Students are encouraged by their coaches to submit stories, poems, artwork, and projects to the Project Gallery. Here everyone can celebrate and share in their achievement and creativity. Parents, teachers, and people visiting the web site can enjoy Project Gallery submissions.

Achiever Bulletin Board: Students can post messages for other students in the Achievement Advocate community. Students participate from various locations across the United States.

Student Book Review Library: Student book reviews are posted in the Book Review Library for others to read. Like the Project Gallery this library is available to anyone who visits the web site.

  • Parents Can Participate in the Achievement Community!
    • Send a message to the program administrator to learn more about Achievement Advocate or ask questions regarding your own child's participation.
    • Visit the Project Gallery to view students' creative projects.
    • Visit the Student Book Review Library to see the reviews your child has submitted.
    • Encourage your student to keep a regular schedule of logging on to their home page at least two times per week.
    • Ask students about their recent Achievement Advocate activities and how they are progressing in the program. Support the importance of coaching and explore the ways they also act as a coach to others.
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